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Apistogrammoides recovery!

Hi folks,
A few weeks ago I posted the ill-health of my newly acquired
Apistogrammoides. After 3 super dose treatments of metronidazole (1000
mg/12 gal. tank), with water changes and carbon filtration between
treatments, I think I can safely say the remainder of my group will
survive. 2 of the 8 passed on to holier waters early in the process, both
males curiously. I think the Paragon did them in, as soon as I applied
chemical filtration after a paragon treatment, the remainder started the
upswing. Avoid the shotgun medication approach! All fish are now
feeding/fighting/excreting regularly and one female is YELLOW- courting the
male whenever he passes by her pot. Thanks to all those who offered their
suggestions for treatment.
- - Steve Waldron