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Re: Cacatuoides problem..

 Hi  Bob,

     Thank you for your response, yesterday I returned my Cacatuoides
back to the pet shop.  He still had his mouth open all this time and he
wouldn't eat.  I got another one and this one is swimming around just

AP>Diane writes:

AP><<  I bought a pair of Cacauoides Wednesday and the male is staying at
AP>> the bottom of the tank and not eating. Is there something I should do so
AP>> that I don't lose him?  Should i move him some where? >>

AP>    I recently moved my breeding pair of cacatuoides from one tank to anothe
AP>They both moped around for almost two weeks.  All water parameters were abou
AP>as much the same as you can get them.  Two days ago they finally perked up.
AP>    If the male was active in the store, I wouldn't panic too much.  Until h
AP>perks up, I recommend you feed him tempting stuff like brine shrimp and
AP>miquito larvae, preferably live, or any live food you can come up with.

AP>Bob Dixon

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