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Apistogramma payominonis- Ecuador's Apisto

There's Apistogramma payominonis from the Oriente (Ecuadorian Amazon). It's
in the cacatuoides group and looks close to nijsseni from the line drawing
in Mayland and Bork. The one photo I've seen (in DATZ) showed a rather
non-descript fish (most likely a sub-adult). I would expect there to be
other undescribed species as well. For locale references for A. payominonis
see Mayland and Bork.
- - Steve Waldron
 >Just a question for for everyone.
>Are there any Apistogramma that live in Equador, in South America?
>A friend of mine moved there recently so I guess I am curious.
>I have looked up what I can but I did not find anything.
>Any replies would be great.
>Phillip Ryti

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