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Re: Search for the well-bred viejita

Steven J. Waldron wrote:
> I just picked up some Apistogramma viejita "red" that should have been
> culled before they started wriggling. Bent caudal peduncles, shrunken
> ventral fins, you name a deformity, these guys have it. Is there such a
> thing as a good quality viejita floating around in the hobby? I'm hoping
> so, but don't want to plunk down any more dough for dregs like the ones I
> have. Gotta love that line breeding ...
> - Steve

They're around - I had some beauties before the January ice-storm. What
I do find is the distinct morphs in Linke seem less distinct. I'm not
convinced it's a problem of captive breeding, given their proximity to
each other in the wild. There have to be intermediate forms with 1 and
2. as well, photos have their limits.
One problem is I find this a painfully slow to grow and sex out apisto.
Lots of people are good at breeeding apistos and get slack about water
changes on the slow fry/juveniles. I've seen a few deformed apistos in
clubs and such that I figured were victims of water, and not necessarily
of inbreeding.
- -Gary