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Re: Search for the well-bred viejita

In a message dated 98-03-18 12:52:25 EST, you write:

<< Steven J. Waldron wrote:
 > I just picked up some Apistogramma viejita "red" that should have been
 > culled before they started wriggling. Bent caudal peduncles, shrunken
 > ventral fins, you name a deformity, these guys have it. Is there such a
 > thing as a good quality viejita floating around in the hobby? I'm hoping
 > so, but don't want to plunk down any more dough for dregs like the ones I
 > have. Gotta love that line breeding ...
 > - Steve
If they are healthy enough to breed, I would try at least one generation.  It
may have been environment rather than genetics which caused them to be so

Bob Dixon