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Borelli fry appearance

I have a batch of Borelli fry which have been free swimming for 10 days.
The female is still with them and being a very good parent. They are being
fed micro worms 3 to 4 times a day and their body is taking shape but I was
wondering if anyone who has raised Borelli could tell me what they should
look like at this stage.

They appear to the naked eye to have a checkered pattern. When I look at
them through a magnifying glass, their body seems to have a lot of light
colored patches. Is this a normal formation of their skin pigments or could
this be a fungus? The female is her normal brights yellow with no patches
visable. The water parameters: ph 6.4, 80 F, KH 2, TH 3, 15% changed every
2 days, planted tank, small foam filter. 

What remedial action should I take if any?
Leo Reinhard