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Apisto Availability

Hi All
I don't normally post as I am still quite new to this list and in the
"learning process" so to speak. I live in South Carolina nr. Charleston.
Altho we have some good LFS they seem unwilling to order Apisto's as " I
don't want to get stuck with them". However, this comes from a shop that
sold a pr of Red Point for $75. Anyway I am lokking for any outlet at
all that may be able to sell some Apisto's. I have a few already, my A.
Viejita look OK to me, but as I am done finishing my fish room I now
have alot more space for fish. At present I have A. Panduro, A.
Nijsseni, A. Gibbiceps, A. Agassizzi, and A. Cauc. {triple red}. Most of
mine are in gruops but the gibs and cauc and aggie are all wi5thout
partners or are single sex groups. Sorry I am so longwinded. I have
looked on the net and in Fama but thought this would be the place to ask
for a "good, honest" opinion of the quality of stock that some of these
places have.
Gareth " I got em, but can't breed em" Casey
Thanks Again