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Re: Ram Fry Problems

Steph,sounds like you are doing everything okay.Where you may have gone
wrong is the fry were starving to death.What were you feeding them?I
usually feed micro worms and baby fish food for egg layers.Some of the baby
brine shrimp on the market is way to large for thier mouths.As for cleaning
the fry tank,I usually use a piece of airline tubing.It is slow going but
gets the job done.I do this about every other day. One other note,I like to
use Acriflavine instead of Methelene Blue because I feel I get a higher
hatch and survival rate.I think the Methelene Blue is too strong.Anybody
have similar problems?
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> From: Steph & Dave <caligula@curie.dialix.com.au>
> To: Apisto Mailing List <apisto@majordomo.pobox.com>
> Subject: Ram Fry Problems
> Date: Monday, March 23, 1998 1:29 AM
> Hi All
> Im looking for suggestions and info on raising Ram fry successfully. :)
> I had a spawn that I hatched artificially but all fry died progressively
> over the first 6 days.  They never seemed to truly develop into free
> swimming fry, staying on the bottom of the fry tank.
> I saw a previous article about belly sliders and was wondering if this
> is what happened and what to do to prevent this.
> My current routine with the spawn is to :
> - setup a 5 gal tank with water from the parents tank, (ph 6.4, 50ppm
> hardness)
> - move the rock with the eggs on it into the tank - carefully not
> exposing them to air
> - i set up a sponge with a airstone thru it as a primitive sponge filter
> and but otherwise run a bare tank - the sponge comes out of a
> established tank
> - place eggs near air stone to get a water current over them
> - add some fungicide
> Has anyone got any suggestions about doing water changes?
> In such a small volume I am a bit cautious?  Should I leave the water
> untouched for say 10 days, change every day, or something inbetween
> ?????
> If babies die, how do you remove them from the tank to prevent further
> contamination?
> Any suggestions would be appreciated,
> Thanks
> Steph
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