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Re: Cacatuoides Free Swimming,, Yeehaa!!

Hi Vicky,

Well done on your successes so far.  I have a couple of 

The water out of   
> my tap is about PH 7, with a hardness about 45 DGH.
Am I receiving this right, is it really forty five degrees 
of general hardness?  Your water sounds like concrete.
> I picked up some new cichlids over the past couple of days. I found 6   
> Paletaenia's at one pet shop. 
Please, what are Paletaenia?

> Yesterday, I found some really beautiful cichlids.  I bought 3 Tucurui's.   
> 1 Male and 2 females. They are much more colorful this morning, and have   
> pin stripes on their bodies. They are beige, with beautiful markings.
Lucky you, these are nice fish.