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Re: Sexing A. Nijsseni

>>How do you know you have luelingi and not cacatuoides?
>>- Steve
>They grew up! If you mean how to distinguish them when they are small, to
>my inexperienced eye it's not very easy. I had to wait until the male
>luelingi got the one black caudal fin spot and that light blue vertical
>stripe pattern in the caudal, dorsal and anal fins. Females - I have no

Well, I'm just a skeptic. Luelingi are found well outside of commercial
fish collecting routes (Bolivia, s.e. Peru), so a big batch of wild caughts
seems unlikely. Captive specimens I'm sure are availalble from Europe
though. On the females, should be very noticeable distinctions from
cacatuoides around breeding time.
- - Steve

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