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Re: Second Cacautoides Free Swimming!!

> Will the babies be safe with the male in the tank? The 
female doesn't   
> seem to get upset when he comes over to look at them.

I have know direct experience with leaving a male 
cacatuoides in with fry but if the female is happy with his 
presence then he will probably not eat them.  Just keep an 
eye on him.

> I have a hardness test unit, with the 3 bottles of chemicals, and the   
> solution turns blue at 70 PPM. Then you gotta multiply that value by some   
> other number to get the DGH. It worked out to about 40.2 out of the tap.   
> Once it's been sitting with the peat, it goes to 50 PPM.  I will probably   
> test it again tonight, to see, and I'll let you know. I'm pretty new to   
> water hardness testing, (since the Apistos, about 3-4 weeks now),I could   
> be way off base with these values, but I know my water is pretty soft,   
> cause  I never get scaling. And when I work in the Apisto tanks, my hand   
> always feel really soft afterwards.

I think to get dGH from ppm you divide by 10, is this 
correct?  If this is correct then your water is pretty 
soft, though maybe not soft enough for some of the really 
difficult to breed fish like A.iniridae.

> My spelling is pretty bad with these latin names.  I checked the book   
> last night, and the correct name is Pleurotaenia.
> They are quite striking with their markings. They are getting quite   
> attractive, more colour every day.
Wow, never seen those before.  Are they in the Aqualog, 
I'll rush off home to find out.