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suggestions needed

To whomever can help,

I currently have 6 pairs of A. gibbiceps set up, each in a 15 gallon
aquarium, well planted, with sponge filter, dither fish (tetras mostly), and
RO water (quite soft, pH about 6.0). Not a single pair is spawning, and
they've been running for over 6 months. However, a 'spare' pair in my 33 gal
'leftover' tank has had 3 batches of eggs. There are misc. other fishes from
other breeding groups (west african dwarf cichlids, etc., in there, snails,
algae eaters, etc., and something keeps eating the eggs overnight (maybe
even nevous Mom), so I've never had any fry. The water's the same RO water
as the 15 gals. The 'spare' gibbiceps lay eggs on rocks or between the
leaves of a large sword plant. There are rocks, plants, and even ceramic
stovepipes in the 15 gals. Why aren't the 'breeders' doing so?
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Northern Forestry Centre
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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