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RE: suggestions needed


Just a few more questions:

Right now all my A. gibbiceps are in pairs; I experimented with one trio and
one set of four (1 male, 3 females), and the male seemed to pair off with 1
female and frequently harass (sometimes with "wifey's" help) all the extras.
Should I try this experiment again? How about a small community, maybe 2
males and 4 or 5 females (with inproved filtration of course, but still in
the 15 gal)?

In your experience, are dither fish a help or a hindrance? I can easily
transfer out all my tetras, white clouds, etc.

Thanks for the advice.

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> Daryl.....
> I've had as much luck as anyone with A. gibbiceps........my first spawn
> was about 1 1/2 years ago and it was a huge one.  Maybe 120+ surrvived
> the spawn.  2-3 months later the original pair spawned again and then
> 4-5 months after that some of the original spawn again.....needless to
> say I had gibbiceps coming out of my ears.....but!..I found them to be
> much more secretive than some of the other dwarfs.......they are not so
> male to 3-4 female type of fish......and they like it planted and very
> little movement (other fish). pH a bit lower than what you're dealing
> with.......maybe 5.0!  Good luck!!!......by the way, these are just my
> observations of only 3-4 spawns!!
> Mike
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