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RE: Crenicichla regani

You may want to e-mail Don Zilliox (WnyZman@aol.com).  He has been
spawning these guys regularly since receiving a wild pair about 16
months ago.  He does real well with them, as well as many apistos and
west africans.  He's in Buffalo, NY, which is nearly Canada if you are
in the London - Hamilton - Toronto, or related regions.


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> Subject: 	Crenicichla regani
> Hello All,=20
> =A0
> just wondering what the group's experiences were with Crenicichla
> regani.=A0 I was particularly interested in adult sizes, tank sizes, =
> water parameters for breeding.=A0 I have always liked the pike =
> but have never had the room for larger species.=A0 Had two C.
> compressiceps for a time (only 2 available), but they were both
> combative males that had to go to make room for apisto fry.
> =A0
> In a very related question, is there anybody in Canada with access to
> C. regani?=A0 I have never actually seen this fish in the flesh.
> =A0
> =A0
> Andy
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