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Fwd: Slow growers

Just so everyone else knows about me, I forward the following:

I guess your pride is hurt too, listen know it not bob your a fool
quite honestly and many on the list find you very amuesing.Go back to
high school with your petty little fighting. I have no time to waste
with you boob, I have a life, a career, and a family this evidenyly is
your life as is quite evident by how hurt you are. Grow up boob.  Out!

The Dave 

---IDMiamiBob@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 2/1/99 12:43:05 AM Mountain Standard Time,
> barbax2@yahoo.com writes:
> >  Really doing 30% water changes every two
> >  weeks, feeding very heavy(and thus loading up your bio waste), and
> >  getting your fish to mature slow is a no brainer.
> But I do 10% a day in my fry tanks.  You're not impressing anyone,
Dave.  Why
> don't you just take your contentiousness somewhere else?

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