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Re: Soft water and Kribs

I am in total agreement of what you have said, they are a fantastic species.
Kribs were the first cichlid species I had ever seen in a friends tank,
they were escorting their fry.  I knew then that I must have this species.
Kribs were responsible for my love and and now my obsession with cichlids
and I thank this very versitile species.  I wonder how many hobbyists
started with kribs as their fist cichlid species.
From: John Wubbolt

>   I love kribs in the sense that they are among the best parents
cichlid wise I've ever raised.  If you're into breeding kribs why would you
want them to stop?   I'm always on the look out for nicely colored
kribs.   They will always be welcome in my house.

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