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Re: growth rate of fry and water changes

> Thank you for your $0.02.  The only reason the subject came up in the first
> place is that some members of the list were trying to ensure that accurate
> information was being provided for those people who may not have much or any
> significant experience in raising fry.

	Accurate information is provided daily, on this
	list and every other list that has anything to do with fish!
	It is also in every book and in the archives of most of the
	lists on fish. Water changes and reasonable water perameters.
	More water changes and more water changes!! Did I mention
	water changes?
> According to the literature, and the experiences and opinions of most of the
> contributors to the discussion, large, frequent water changes appear to be
> the accepted norm.  However, there are a very few people who insist that
> small, less frequent water changes suffice, despite the fact that their fry
> seem to take a lot longer to mature.

	And there are still people who think the world is flat!
> I don't actually believe in all seriousness that the experiment requires to
> be carried out.

	Well, then, why bring it up?

> I would be quite happy to end the subject on this note.

	Good idea.

  Should someone feel
> the need to carry out any comparison study then it is not too difficult.

	Just possibly irrelavent and, most likely inconclusive at best.

> Given the fact that one person is carrying out the various procedures
> involved in caring for the fish, the variables and parameters of their work
> should be a reasonable constant.  Obviously, most people on this mailing
> list are not breeding their fish in laboratories.  Yet, if the results are
> skewed dramatically in the direction of having much larger fry in a given
> length of the time, then the experiment would not be totally meaningless.

	Sounds like masterbation!

> At least the list archives would have the information should a newbie want
> to know the best method by which fry can be raised.

	The archives are full of pertinent information. Why add some-
	thing that is sure to confuse?  Did I mention water changes
	and reasonable water conditions?
> Be happy and spawn!

	That's all that anyone asks for. Oh, Did I mention water
	changes and reasonable conditions?

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