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Re: general diet and feeding frequency questions

In a message dated 2/2/99 7:02:06 PM Mountain Standard Time, Mike writes:

> How often do you recommend feeding A. cacatuoides?
>  I have purchased:
>    TetraCichlid - Cichlid Flakes
>    TetraColor   - Tropical Flakes
>    Hikari       - Oranda Gold - mini pellets
>    SF Bay Brand - Brine Shrimp Flakes
>    TetraMin     - Baby Fish Food "E"
>    Interpet     - Liquifry No 1 for egg layers
Twice a day.

They will do okay and maybe even spawn on the Tetra.  The Hikari I can't say.
The brine shrimp flakes are useful as a variation used once every two or three
days.  Unless you are feeding fry, in which case three times a day,  The Tetra
Baby Fish Food in my experience has too much bulk and not enough nutrition for
cichlid fry.  The liquifry is designed for very small fry like most gouramis.
In a tank of cichlid fry, it will pretty much rot and ruin your water.  I'm
told it is great for feeding daphnia though.

For fry, starting with small live food is the best approach.  Microworms and
brine shrimp are the most common used.  Adult Apistos also do best when they
get either live or frozen foods regularly.

Bob Dixon

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