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Re: A funny story

In a message dated 2/3/1999 2:28:12 AM Eastern Standard Time, adelau@uwyo.edu

>      I was lurking at a pet shop today and saw an apisto agazissi in a
>  tank with many kribs. It was hiding behind a rock and peeking at me. So
>  I got a person who works in there and asked him how much it cost for the
>  fish because there was only a label say "Krib $5.98". He said,"Oh, that
>  werid looking krib, $5.98". And so he came home with me.

hee hee, i have bought some rarer loriicarids (Hypoptopoma, Chaetostoma and
Peckoltia) for $1.99 because the clerks thought they were "just plecos"
(normally those fish go for $2.99/3.99).

as for the agassizi, i bought mine for $1.99 (adults) and $.99 (youngsters) at
a petshop in ny (where i had also gotten N. anomala youngsters for .75).
while many petshops in ny will charge $20-50 for a pair of apistos, some will
sell them for very cheap (especially youngsters) because they get the fry from
someone who bred them and wants to get rid of them.

btw, pardon my ignorant question, is ade a ms. or mr.?

tsuh yang chen, nyc 

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