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Re: Crenicara Punctulata info wanted

Hello Tim
Nice pick up you made.  I've always liked that fish.   I've seen in pet
shops in my area only once and there was only females so I didn't buy
them.   Stupid me.   The price was right at about $ 5 each .   The only
thing at the time was that I didn't know was that I didn't need to buy a
male.  This is one of those species that will change sex.   Females will
become males when there are no males available.   And become fertile
males.   As to keeping them.  I would use a 20 long or 30 gallon tank
that is fairly well planted and on the acidic side.   A pH of 6.0 and
soft water is what this fish likes.   Place a large flower pot on one
end of the tank on its side and several other flower pots for refuge for
the female that isn't in the spawning pair.   Condition them well on
live foods and wait.   The Tetra book on Dwarf Cichlids by Linke and
Staeke has some good info also.  
Good luck with them.  Wish I had them.  
John Wubbolt

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