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Re: Aquarium Lighting

Phil writes:

> I am getting ready to upgrade my lighting system.  I have read alot of 
>  material on the net about the different lights available, and the three 
>  that seem to come most recommended are the following:
>           Triton
>           Coralife Trichromatic
>           Power Glo
>  I have seen all three available in the LFS here, with the Triton being 
>  the most expensive.  Is there a recommendation from the list for the 
>  best way to light a 55 display tank?  My display tank is the only one I 
>  keep planted heavily.

The Tritons are engineered so that the curve of their color spectrum very
closely matches the "useability curve" of chlorophyl.  It also puts out a
little more light than the other two when new.  As they age, the others will
lose their brightness much faster, at a rate that you won't really notice but
your plants will.  The Triton will automatically shut down and refuse to light
when it drops to 90% output.  On a 12-hr per day schedule that can take as
long as 4 years.  The others will reach 50% in one to two years, and will
definitely need replacement by then, but you won't know you have reached that
point without some kind of meter and regular testing.  Over time, the Tritons
will cover the difference in price by their longevity, and the plants will
appreciate the difference.

This question properly belongs on the aquatic plants list.  For subscription
info, contact me off-list.

Bob Dixon

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