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Re: When a blessing becomes a curse

Cory writes:

> My water is very soft too- for the plants I add 1 measured teaspoon each of
>  calcium chloride and sodium bicarbonate per 20 gallons of water (I also use
>  Co2 injection)- my water comes out of the tap at less than one degree
>  hardness for both the carbonate and general hardness and pH 6.5. After
>  adding the baking soda and CaCl the water is at 4 degrees general hardness
>  and 3 carbonate hardness. The water chem. is very stable for me with this
>  setup- with Co2 the pH stays at 6.5.

As I understand it, using  crushed dolomite would do the same thing without
increasing the content of Sodium Chloride in the tank (which is esentially
what you get- Sodium Chloride and Calcium carbonate). 

Bob Dixon

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