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Re: When a blessing becomes a curse


It is interesting that you made this comment- The problem I have is that
calcium carbonate does not dissolve readily and that I would have to age the
water and test it to get the right 'hardness'- with CaCl, I can add the
correct amount and have the correct doseage without testing or aging my
water( Because I worked out the correct dose for our domestic supply)- that
way I don't have to have large tubs of water sitting arount my appartment- I
would rather tanks with fish taking up space than bins of water taking up
space. As far as having NaCl and CaCO3- it doesn't work that way when they
are dissolved because each ion is surrrounded by molecules of water. Some
might argue that the water may get too salty- but with water changes and the
low concentartions I don't see it as a problem. As a side point- if I add
the CaCl and the Bicarb at the same time I get CaCarbonate precippitate-
which does not dissolve readily- I have to use acid to get it out of my
betta jars. I short you are right about the dolomite- but I find my method
easier for me.

As for the previous post about the snails- I have hundreds of MTS in my 90
plant-dwarf-apitso community tank and had a female borelli that spawned and
now has about 20 alevins- I moved her and the babies to another tank b/c I
want this first spawn to be successful- - something that would probably not
happen in a tank full of hungry fis- the snails didn't seem to bother her.
The regani that spawned lost all of her eggs- they were in a clay pot- and
seemed to disappear over a couple of nights- even with a light on- I rather
suspect that the eggs were not viable- I doubt the snails did it- she is
pretty agressive.


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Subject: Re: When a blessing becomes a curse

>Cory writes:
>> My water is very soft too- for the plants I add 1 measured teaspoon each
>>  calcium chloride and sodium bicarbonate per 20 gallons of water (I also
>>  Co2 injection)- my water comes out of the tap at less than one degree
>>  hardness for both the carbonate and general hardness and pH 6.5. After
>>  adding the baking soda and CaCl the water is at 4 degrees general
>>  and 3 carbonate hardness. The water chem. is very stable for me with
>>  setup- with Co2 the pH stays at 6.5.
>As I understand it, using  crushed dolomite would do the same thing without
>increasing the content of Sodium Chloride in the tank (which is esentially
>what you get- Sodium Chloride and Calcium carbonate).
>Bob Dixon
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