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Re: When a blessing becomes a curse

Cory writes:

>  The problem I have is that
>  calcium carbonate does not dissolve readily and that I would have to age
>  water and test it to get the right 'hardness'- with CaCl, I can add the
>  correct amount and have the correct doseage without testing or aging my
>  water

Point well made.  My efforts along these lines are usually to reduce
alkalinity so I can push the pH down effectively.  And as for your comment
about the ions being surrounded by water- absolutely.  Na2CO3 and CaCl, when
dissolved in the same water yields ions of Ca++, Na+, Cl-, and CO3- -.  To say
that you have NaCl and CaCO3 is kind of presumptuous.  I find it interesting
that you get CaCO3 as a precipitate when you  mix your two salts
simutaneously, but not when you do it separately.  Someday maybe I'll try it
just to see.


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