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Re: pH hell

IDMiamiBob@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 2/13/99 11:06:05 AM Mountain Standard Time,
> alexp@idirect.com writes:
> > I am using a DI unit that removes both positive and negative ions.  It is
> >  not something that exchanges Ca and Mg for Na or anything like that.
> Then the 2:1 DI/tap ratio shold give you what you need for the fish, except
> possibly the pH, which can be adjusted with homebrew or commercial non-
> phosphoric PH adjuster.  Expect a little battle with the remaining carbonate
> hardness, which will try to buffer it back up.

Peat filtration (even just 8 to 10 hours of it) will drop the pH and remove
much/most of the carbonate hardness.  This avoids using additional chemicals which
will raise the conductivity.  Of course, you need to use quality peat that is
acidic, such as Canadian sphagnum peat.

My community tanks are all mostly r/o water with the small addition of my tap
water (about 14 dH and 14 KH).  But I am experimenting with 100% r/o with the
measured additions of specific chemicals like CaSO4, MgSO4, CaCl, KCl, ... so that
I can control the ionic balance.

The problem with R/O Right, as I've been told, is that its contents settle
unevenly.  Each spoonful contains a different balance of chemicals.


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