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Problems with R/O Right

<<The problem with R/O Right, as I've been told, is that its contents
<<unevenly.  Each spoonful contains a different balance of chemicals.


I have been using the same container for a few years.  Would there be
anything that I might notice in my fish or plants resulitng from a lack of
certain minerals?

I was wondering if anyone else has heard this and if they have any
experience with complications.

I am very interested in this as I find the R/O Right to be a easy and
cheap way to add back the salts needed.  Also I feel that if I have gone
through the trouble of removing a bunch of stuff from my tap water that I
don't simply want to add back a smaller portion of it later to get the
correct GH/KH.

THanks for any insight or ideas, always looking to learn more.

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