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Re: pH hell

In a message dated 2/13/99 11:51:59 AM Mountain Standard Time,
carey@spacestar.net writes:

> Peat filtration (even just 8 to 10 hours of it) will drop the pH and remove
>  much/most of the carbonate hardness.  This avoids using additional
> which
>  will raise the conductivity.

This is also a valid and what I consider a more "natural" approach.  If you
are looking for specific levels, I find HCl to be more reliable.  On the other
hand, I have not seen fresh water fish whose requirements are so strict as to
need a specific pH.  Some of my Apistos also seem to require the additional
tannins and humics the peat adds before they will spawn.  My water comes out
of the tap with 60ppm general hardness and 80ppm carbonate hardness
(alkalinity).  I use a small amount of HCl in all my change water to drop the
alkalinity a bit before adding to the tanks.  This makes the desired pH easier
to get and maintain.

So, in brief, I am using HCl in my change water and on my community tank and
fry tanks, but peat for spawning.  So one has to figure out what works best
for one's water and one's objectives with each tank.

The need for chemical regimens like Discus Buffer and a bunch of other things
seems to me to be a bit excessive, especially when you are already deionizing.

Bob Dixon

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