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Re: pH hell

---ALEX PASTOR <alexp@idirect.com> wrote:
> Re: the deionizer.  Once the water goes through this the GH =0 and
KH = 0.
> (tested by me) I add Seachem acid buffer and Seachem alkaline
buffer, Kent

When I first started reading this thread I wondered
if you where using Seachem's acid/alkaline buffer.  
Several weeks ago I started a thread titled 'ph problems'.  In a
nutshell I started out with stable
water ph = 7.2, GH=4dH, KH=2dH.  One hour after 
adding the proper mixture of Seachem acid/alkaline
buffer to acheive ph of 6.5 the ph was 6.5.  24 hours
later the ph was 7.2.  72 hours later the ph was 7.6.
I tried it again with the same results.

Based on the advice of the people on this list I have
started using peat.  I have not yet acheived the 
results I want.  So far (about 10 days) my ph is
only 7.0 (down from 7.6) but I feel I am on the 
right track.  Instead of dying, my fish are showing
vivid colors although I cannot see them very well
because something is clouding my water (in addition
to the nice brown tinge from the peat).  

I am convinced that the Seachem acid/alkaline buffer
does not work well in tanks.  In my tests, it works
great when mixed with RO, but anything more 
chemically complex than that causes dramatic ph

Paul Evans
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