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Re: pH hell [2nd reply]

To David Younkerr I can only say--- Wow.  And I thought the plants list folks
were heavily into the the chemical fine points.  A very thourough explanation.
Can I safely boil it down to <Knock off the complicated chemical balancing act
and Simplify.  Then Simplify, and at the end, Simplify some more.>?

After all, it's supposed to be fun.  If you have to worry so much about all
these buffers and additives, you will spend too much time on tank maintenance,
too much money on tank maintenance, and too much energy on tank maintenance.
Use the DI, and maybe something simple like peat or pHDown to get where you're
going.  Accept that the fish have a range they will be happy in. Give yourself
some space to breathe.  And you will have more money to expand your fish room,
more time to expand your fish room and more energy to expand your fishroom.

Keep smilin'
Bob Dixon

Bob Dixon

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