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Re: More Water Chemistry/PH Issues -- Please Help

Hello Andy
Your water isn't far off from mine.   Out of my tap my water is pH of
6.8, gH  60ppm dkh 3. 
If I were you I would try spawning some Apistos in your water before you
try to lower the gh.   As for pH just about everything will do fine in
your water.   Some people need to drop their pH for A. Nijsseni,  mine
do fine in my tap water without dropping the pH.   The only things I can
see that might be difficult in your water would be things like D.
Maculatus and T. Candidi.  They need it really soft and quite acidic.
Give things a try first, then break out the R/O unit to drop the gh.
Of course this is just my opinion. But I managed to spawn 14 different
species of Apistos in my tap water.   
John Wubbolt
Tupper Lake NY

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