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Re: More Water Chemistry/PH Issues -- Please Help

Andy writes:

<snip>> my
>  water values are as follows: ph=6.5, gh= 90 ppm, kh=4 dkh.

Your water parameters are already in the ""marginally acceptable" range for
keeping apistos happy.

> What would be the
>  easiest way to get my gh to optimal levels.  I have an RO unit which I
>  used in 4 months (for a reef tank).  But would it be easier just to set up
>  30 gallon rubbermaid with peat filtration.  I have a feeling this would get
> my water to desired levels.

Peat is surely simple, and there are things that it does to a tank that
nothing else will.  The fish seem to love it.  Although I have seen someone on
the list last year say something about brewing tea and adding it to the tank.
Yes, tea, as in orange pekoe.  I suggest you start with the peat, and pay more
attention to how the fish respond than what the test kits say.  After all, it
is the fish that should have the final word.  If you aren't getting a positive
response, then break out the test kits and see what you are getting from the
peat filtration, and adjust from there.  If the peat does the job, you should
take tests of tank parameters at spawning time, just for reference.


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