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mass death

I need a little help with a situation.  This started last Wed evening as far
as I can tell. I have a 75 gallon tank with a pair of adult P. pulcher and
their fry which are about 1.5 months old.  On Wed I had about 50 young ones.
I think they are too large now to be considered fry. The other day I was
watching the tank and all of a sudden it looked like one of the young Kribs
got shocked or something.  This happened to 6 fish in about 30 minutes.  All
fish appear to be healthy as far as color, activity and things like that
then all of a sudden they get this seizure and are dead in a matter of

I immediately checked the water and all looked perfect.  Temp 76, ph 7.5,
Nitrate 0 ect.  I did a 50% water change that night but it didn't seem to
help.  I did another 50% one on Sat with no change.  I am down to the pair
of adults and 8 young ones.  Oh yea I have 2 small Plecos too.

Nothing in my routine has changed.  I feed twice a day, frozen brine shrimp
or frozen blood worms, I do 30 to 40% water changes 2 times a week, no new
plants or fish have been added, filtration is done by a Emperor 400.  I do
have a few snails in the tank, little rams horn, but they are under control.
I take them out and dispose of them while doing the water changes.

ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Walter McCree

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