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Re: pH meter

>Personaly I have not used the more commonly Available American Marine
>but I have used a pH and Conductivity meter in my fish room for years.
>Personaly I find them Indispensable. The price of a pH meter is paid
>back in peace of mind and confidence when your acclimating fish,
>mixing up water, breeding, and just want to know how diffrent
>variables are interacting.
>has the BNC connection for the probe etc. and I beleive he only payed
>around $90 for his.

I have been considering getting a pH meter, but I am used to using the VERY
EXPENSIVE research grade meters (good to three decimals).  I know where our
lab gets these meters from but all of the meters in the catalogs are over
$200, and I am not willing to spend that much for one (I'm not THAT serious
about my HOBBY.)  Can anyone suggest one that is closer to $100 (or less if
possible) that is reasonably good, and where the best place is to buy them
Thanks, Daniel

Daniel Boyer <dpboyer@axs2k.net>

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