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In a message dated 2/12/1999 2:36:08 PM Eastern Standard Time,
windwalker@uky.campuscw.net writes:

> I was in SaoPaulo this past June. I had only one day to collect and limited
>  equipment. I had 2 ten inch nets , plastic bags, a battery air pump, and
>  some Amquell. I brought back 7 pairs of cory that are similar to
>  paleatus/steindachneri. The males have 2" tall dorsals.
>  I took my copy of Burgess and purchased a receipt in SaoPaulo from a pet
>  shop for the fish. Paid the sales clerk $3R or about $2.70US. I told the
>  customs at the airport there that I bought them. He thought it funny to
>  take fish home.  In Atlanta I declared them and had them in my carry on
>  bag. I was directed to a special customs line. Here they said they would
>  have to get someone from Fish and Wildlife. As I got out my receipt and
>  "Aquarium" book the agent replied" Hell you know what you'er doing go on".
>  I was warned before going not to take scientific books only aquarium books
>  to ID with. I took the Mini Atlas and the Tetra Dwarf Cichlid Book.  You
>  should visit Marc Lacerda in Rio if you can.
>  He has a farm there and has apistos and catfish.
>  marcolacerda@ax.apc.org
>  Caixa Postal 33.264
>  22.442-970 Rio de Janeiro
>  He is on the Apisto List and I met him at the ACA. Very knowledgable and
>  know the collecting spots.
>  Mike
mike, thanks for your help.  i hope you don't mind me forwarding this to the
list as i think it would be helpful for everybody.  i will be visiting marco,
that's the whole point of going there :-)

so what you saying is that as long as it is store-bought, you don't need a
permit?  where did you collect in sao paulo?

tsuh yang chen, nyc

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