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Re: differentiating rotpunkt vs honsloi and agassizi vs. norberti

---Paul Evans <pm_evans@yahoo.com> wrote:
Lastly, I have seen 'opal' borellii and a number of
stores lately; even a big chain pet super store.  However, they have
all been about2" long and every single one has been male.  Today
I began wondering if they are being mass bred in 
Singapore and imported like Rams.  I hope not.

Probably not, but they are commonly imported from South America. They
are one of the mainstays of the South American import trade.  Even the
more run of the mill wholesalers will buy the nice borellii's that are
2"+ or so. Unfortunatly as you have seen they are mostly males. most
of the time shop owners will buy the large males because they beleive
thats what will sell. I suggest you inform your dealer to get some of
the smaller ones so you can have females as well. most times they will
try to help you out if they know you'll buy them. I have access to
wild dwarfs directly from the importer but i'll usually support a
shops effort to bring in dwarfs by buying the whole tank of fish and
sifting through it for goodies. many times the fish are mismarked and
you can find some real gems. And of course at other times you may get
some macmasteri labeled viejita. If they are real expensive then you
should definatly make sure they are the real McCoy. Good luck

David sanchez
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