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Re: P. humilis - inducing spawning.

I checked my files and it was back in November P.Humilis Kasewe was
discussed.  The only contribution I can make is by repeating my previous
I know of two members of the BCA who have bred Humilis Kasewe.  Nick
Fletcher our
newsletter editor wrote recently in the NL:  Six young were purchased which,
turned out to be 1 male and 5 females they were housed in a 30inx15inx12in
tank.    He found them to be the shyest species he had known.  18 months
down the road he removed two females to give to a friend.  By doing so the
tank was disrupted so he re-arranged the tank decor (pots etc and removed a
substantial amount of java moss which was over grown).  One week later he
noticed in a half coconut shell one of the females with wrigglers.  As a
result of shedding two female Kasewe the tank turned around from nothing of
interest to a sudden population explosion.

Also previous response November
>I tried these guys too, same result, gave up.  Some of the best in Seattle
>have....same results, beautiful fish.  They were two mean to do several
>times, seeing two color varieties destroy themselves was enough for me
>(Lib. red, and Kasewe).  The only person I know that I believe to have
>spawned them is Kurt Zadnick....anyone have his email address??? Perhaps
>we can get an answer from him.

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