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Re: P. humilis - inducing spawning.

"EXT AVS; Steph & Dave" wrote:
> I am absolutely no expert (only ever kept P pulcher) and Im quite
> prepared to be wrong :) - but in most of the previous thread I noticed
> the ready assumption that this is a 'monogamous' species, and while some
> people had added extra females they hadnt had any luck except often a
> very dead female.
> Has any one added either an additional pair or an additional male as a
> bit of 'competition' for the male ?   You could try it either with a
> divider in the tank or two tanks side by side (see but no kill :)  The
> other option is along the lines of the other africans and a LARGE colony
> of fish.
> Steph

Hi Steph!

I have definitely considered breeding them in a colony or 
group with multiple males, problem is I can't get more of 
this fish here in Sweden. My pair comes from Germany and 
were quite expensive and hard to find, getting more will 
be difficult so I have to work with this pair. Your 
thoughts are exactly what I will try to implement the 
next time I have the oppurtunity and buy at least 3 or
4 pairs and put them in a large tank. I recently read an
article by Alf Stalsberg breeding P. sp. "Humilis guinea"
and he had several fish in a tank, maybe that's the way for 
the humilis-group I'll try it I promise :-)

Fredrik L.

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