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Re: Convention Plans

I don't think the convention schedule with times of activities is available
until  you arrive and get all your registration things.  If you are meaning
the ASG lecture this will take place in the Hyatt Regency Hotel, as do all
the other lectures.  I agree with you it will be nice to meet the folk on
this list and I think the best place to meet is in the hotel but when as the
schedule for lectures and trips are numerous.
At the Chicago'97 hotel, and I would assume it will be the same this time,
people had tanks set up in their rooms where you can buy or sell fish, they
put adverts on the noticeboards for you to contact room such and such.  You
should make enquiries at your local hotel about having a small tank in your
room, they will probably think you are daft but aren't we all on this list?
See you in Detroit.

>I think the ASG is planning a meeting on Thursday night.  Is this correct?
>Location and time, please.
>Perhaps the members of this list could meet for breakfast Friday or
>morning at a local Perkins or something.  Can one of the indigenous list
>members set up a place for us?
>Since we will be arriving Wednesday and Thursday, and not leaving until
>Sunday or Monday, is there some way we can keep fish we bring for trading
>with each other alive without over-stressing them?  I'm not sure our local
>hotel accommodations will be hospitable enough to allow us to set up
>maintenance tanks in our rooms.
>Bob Dixon

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