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Re: Convention Plans

Mike Wise writes:

<snip>> What kind of scientific names are you thinking of? Most spell-check 
> have
>  a "learn" function on them. If you use a name or scientific term that 
> on
>  the spell-check, just tell it to add the word to the vocabulary - once you'
> re
>  sure it's correctly spelled. This will certainly take up less memory than 
> adding
>  a supplemental spell-check program.

I guess I need to be more liberal with the :-) symbol.  I just kinda figured 
everyone would recognize the jest.

As for the Oregon Coast, Dave Soares is not far from the coast.  Maybe you 
could spend a night in Sisters, which is a real tourist trap town.  Once 
there, it would be foolish not to just stop by for a visit. ;-)  {aptly 


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