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Apistogramma ortmanni

    Hello all... I thought I'd break the mailing list's silence with a quick
While at the LFS, I picked up three fish labeled as "Apisto Ortmanni." They
were $6 ea, and I purchased every one they had, since I had a 10gal set up
for Apistogramma already. "All of them" turned out to be three... two
smaller (3/4") ones and a larger one (1"). After doing as much research I
could, I found surprisingly little info... to give an example there's only
ONE post on A. ortmanni on the Krib. After studying Linke and Staeck's
drawing of A. ortmanni (drawn from a "preserved specimen," I am no longer
sure that they are A. ortmanni.
However, after taking a very close comparison w/ the biggest apisto, the
drawing is quite similar. There are a few missing things, like the dorsal
fin should be longer, and as of right now I see no real superorbital stripe
(above the eye), but sometimes there is a faint darkness that could be one.
My specimens seem young, perhaps they will develop those things later.
    What I would like is ANY AND ALL INFO on A. ortmanni. I would especially
experiences, PICTURES (I do not own the Bork or Aqualog book, etc.), and ID
info. ANYTHING! I'm struggling to find info. Are they still supposed to be
hard to get? Oh, and I have the pH at 6.2 for them right now... and they are
rather violent towards each other (all male???). The biggest one dominates
and has a very slight, very faded pastel yellow/tan color to him/her. With
all the aggression, is it possible all three are male?

Thanks all,

-- Derek Wingert

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