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Moving soon to fishroom

   I need help and advice on how to successfully move fifteen tanks with
soft, acidic water.  This is my set up:  I started with a 30 gal tank and
cycled it normally.  The water where I live now is off a well.  The water
parameters are liquid rock and a ph of 7,6.  However, I decided to raise
   I put peat in the filter. Once the ph dropped to 5,5, I removed the peat
and use two sponges in the Aquaclear 150.  Ever since then, I have been
doing partial water changes with pure steamed distilled water.  My water
parameters in the tanks are all a stable ph of 5,0 and a hardness of 70ppm.
I have seeded the other 14 tanks from the 30 gal whenever I did my weekly
water change.  Thus, no cycling.
  I am planning a move and searching for the house with the perfect room for
the fishroom.  I plan to increase the number of tanks to 25 or 30.  However,
I am in a quandry as to how to maintain this water quality without hauling
40 or 50 bottles of water each week.  Is this where you suggest a RO system?
I know the principle of how it works, but I am at a loss on what size system
I would need, where to set it up, how to set it up.  
I trust the apisto people to tell me about this moreso than the lfs guy I
deal with.
Sorry for being long winded, but I keep mulling over this and can't decide
what to do.


Francine in MD
Fish - photography - genealogy

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