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Spawning P. pulcher

Hello fellow dwarf cichlid enthusiasts!

This is my first entry on the Apisto List, so please bear with me.

I recently purchased a pair of "Kribs" and situated them in their own 
20-gallon long tank with four Silver Tip tetras as dithers.  The tank has 
numerous cave formations, rocks, wood, a pea gravel substrate; and is planted 
with Java Fern, Java Moss, Bolbitis heudelotii and various Anubias species.  
The water is soft and acidic: Ph 6.2ish, Total hardness 50ish ppm, temp. 77 

Since the day they arrived, they've remained in a cave almost completely 
concealed from view.  It's been three or four days now, and they refuse to 
show themselves.  From what I can see of the female, her belly is purple and 
plump, but she was that way when I purchased her.  For feeding, I've been 
squirting live black worms into their cave, and they do appear to be eating 
them.  Can anyone offer me some advise on how to best proceed with these 
little fish?  I was looking forward to fry not to being a Peeping Tom.

Thanks all,

Randall Kohn
Chester, NJ

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