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kribensis spawning and care of young

i am very new at spawning kribs....in a ten gal tank a pair of kribs 
spawned about ten days ago...i first noticed when i saw about 200 young 
simming with the female...the mail "guards" his spawn..a lone otocinclis 
is aggresively chased away if he gets too close.

many books say than one should take the parents out of the tank...yet 
even the male is extremely protective...if a fry gets too far from the 
spawn, he picks it up with his mouth and swims to the spawn and opens his 
mouth an propels the fry into the midst of the spawn unharmed...the fry 
swims along with spawn...the fry are about 2-3 mm long...

any advice on what to feed and how to maximize the survival of the fry...

thanks, Russ

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