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Re: Tank setups

Hello Francine
I use mainly ten gallon tanks as my breeder tanks.  I do use some 20
longs but this is for  trios or quads.    I like to use my 20 longs or
bigger tanks for grow out tanks.   

My set up for my breeder tanks is fairly simple.
I use 2 clay flower pots per tank, one for him and one for her, bare
bottom tanks in most of the set ups, I do have a few tanks that have a
thin layer of gravel.   I use hydro sponge filters in all of the tanks,
whether breeder or grow out tanks, I really love these filters, can't
have enough of them and I have glass covers on all my tanks.   I never
used to think apistos were jumpers until this year.   Good thing I had
covers on 90% of the old tanks, now there's 100% coverage on all tanks.
When you wake up one morning and find your only female Sunset and only
female Trifasciata on the floor on the same day after never having a
jumper before you decide to get the rest of the tanks covered.

I do have a couple of 55 gallon tanks that have larger batches of
juvenilies growing out in.  Hope this helps out some.   This is just the
way I do things, everyones set up is different though


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