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conductivity meters/ohmmeters

I'd eventually like to get a conductivity meter. I got my paws on a Grainger
catalog here in the office; it doesn't have a conductivity meter per se, but
they've got lots of megohmmeters as well as multimeters.
	since conductivity is the inverse of resistance, i guess one could
use an ohmmeter of some kind (i'm not up on electrical equipment) to measure
one's water. but what kind of specs should i look for?
	the megohmmeters are prohibitively expensive, but some of the
handheld multimeters are reasonable. in the spec chart, there is a column
'Resistance (Ohms)' and each meter has some entry like '2K/20K/200K/2M' -
how does that relate to actually measuring ohms?
	(i assume i'll want to measure anywhere between, say 1 thousand and
1 million ohms...?)

it's been a while since EM theory in physics, so go easy on me.


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