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Re: conductivity meters/ohmmeters - DISREGARD LAST

Bob wrote:
>Yes, you can get ohmmeters at Radio Shack for around ten bucks.  Using one
>measure conductivity requires getting the two probes a specific distance 
>apart, and knowing how to convert ohms to whatever conductivity is measured 
>in (maybe it's mhos).  

Conductivity is measured in Siemens, where 1S= 1A/V
Ohm is a measure of electric resistance, where 1 Ohm = 1V/A

To convert Ohm to Siemens 1S = 1/Ohm

If Ohmmeters are that inexpensive and easy to use and these formulas are
right, this sounds like an accesible solution.  Then again, it sounds too
simple to be right, so I might be missing something ?  Physics 102 seems so
distant now.


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