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Re: Moving fry

I am in a slightly similar situation as yourself.  M. Altispinosa are very
prolific breeders and I have two breeding pairs in my 7'x2x'2' community
tank (180 imperial gallons.)  What I have to do is remove some of their fry
when they are free swimming on day 2 or 3, after that they are gobbled up by
the other tankmates.  I have found them to be a very adaptable species as
far as water parameters are concerned.  I think as long as the pH does not
go higher than pH7 they will be okay.  You could add some pieces of bogwood
into this tank or even filter through peat. You mention perhaps moving both
your pairs into a 10 gallon tank - I think you should move one pair only to
this small tank.  Community tanks are lovely but if it is your intention to
successfully breed and rear young, "species"  tanks are a must and of course
you require rearing tanks.

>The question:  My M. altispinosa have been in a 29G crowded community tank
since I first got them about 2 months ago.  I have two pairs and they insist
on fairly continuously breeding.  Unfortunately, in the community tank the
free-swimming fry don't last very long due to predation.  I've been wanting
to move them out into a 10G for some time now but have been struggling to
get the pH down in that tank to the 6.3-6.4 that they are currently in (CO2
injection).  The 10G is currently at about 7.0.  Can they take this pH?  I'm
hoping to find some time to work on getting the pH down again (a long
story!) but don't know if I'll get to it soon enough.  Also, could the
parents be moved with the fry or should I just move the fry?
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