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Re: conductivity meters/ohmmeters - DISREGARD LAST

Peter writes:

> To convert Ohm to Siemens 1S = 1/Ohm

1 mho is also equal to 1/ohms.  Two names for the same thing.  But in a wire 
or a curcuit it's refered to as conductance, rather than condutivity.

>If Ohmmeters are that inexpensive and easy to use and these formulas are
>right, this sounds like an accesible solution.  Then again, it sounds too
>simple to be right, so I might be missing something ?

 The problem as I understand it is that the probes must be a SPECIFIC 
distance apart.  No variation.  This apparently justifies the great expense.  
I think someone who knows the scientific details of all this could come up 
with a spacer to keep them the right distance apart and then work up a chart.

Talk to an electrical engineer.

Bob Dixon

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