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Re: Moving fry

I don't know if any of you have tried this, but what my LFS shopkeeper
does - and he has lots of apistos - with his fry is this: he makes a
container out of a 'tupperware' type rectangular dish, cuts holes in either
end and covers them with mesh, and glues styrofoam on the outside edges.
Then he floats it in the tank the fry were born in, and puts them in there.
Same water, but no fry-for-lunch. Easier to feed and keep track of, too.
    Of course, when they get bigger I guess they might need to be moved
elsewhere, just for elbow room, but in the meantime it's a low-stress way to
keep the little ones.
    Any thoughts on this method? I'm using it for my guys, they seem to be
doing well. The main reason I'm doing it, though, is that I really don't
have the space or time right now for another tank to raise them in. Maybe
after I raise these guys and trade them in... <daydream>


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You should have no problem moving the fry to the 10 gallon tank.   ....

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