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Re: Moving fry

This method may be fine for the first week of free swimming but I wouldn't
imagine they will grow in this environment.  It will take about 4-6 months
(in a proper rearing tank with filter plus regular water changes and
feeding) before your Altispinosa attain the size required by a LFS.

>but what my LFS shopkeeper
>does - and he has lots of apistos - with his fry is this: he makes a
>container out of a 'tupperware' type rectangular dish, cuts holes in either
>end and covers them with mesh, and glues styrofoam on the outside edges.
>Then he floats it in the tank the fry were born in, and puts them in there.
>Same water, but no fry-for-lunch. Easier to feed and keep track of, too.
>    Any thoughts on this method? I'm using it for my guys, they seem to be
>doing well. The main reason I'm doing it, though, is that I really don't
>have the space or time right now for another tank to raise them in. Maybe
>after I raise these guys and trade them in... <daydream>
>  cheerios

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